"Spread The Love" gears up for Valentines Day 2011

"Spread The Love" is a not so covert , anonymous project to ...spread love-on Valentines Day & always. Created in 2009, it's mission is to inspire random strangers to take some love and then pass it on "Spreading love throughout the world, one person at a time" -using artful text , color  & design-in the form of fliers placed out & about . 
Keep your eye peeled as you never know where we'll pop up next. Perhaps we'll be coming to a lamp post near you...
P.S. A simple but sweet idea for a Valentine can be found on today's posting of maya*made . Maya is one of my favorite bloggers-in no small part because her creative philosophy and use of recycled materials is very much in sync with my own artistic values. If you have never heard of her-you will love exploring her blog & the life it depicts along with the many simple & easy projects (& recipes!). 

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