Visit to Manitoga

We did the grounds and house tour of Russel Wright's home and studio at "Dragon Rock".
The studio is full of lovely touches like this rock turned into a door knob. 
Some of Wright's dishes sit by the studio back door. 
The "old fashioned" studio phone :while it does not have a camera for taking selfies it has a solid beauty that I miss.  



2015 is here. I have a feeling it will be a year filled with all things good. To kick this new year off, let's begin with one of my most favorite of symbols: the heart & a wonderful medium: collage. 
The heart is a symbol of love and love might be as important as food, air and water.  (add creativity to the list if you are anything like me:note to self:go see the MOMA Matisse show cut-outs )
These images are from a small collection of artist  
inspired Valentines, created in 2013/2014.
Black & white photographs courtesy of the  NY Public Library picture collection .
Samples of Valentines for 2015 are in the works ...