New. Fun. Art.

The blog How About Orange has a wonderful tool called "Odosketch" featured today. I played for just a bit and while I found it limiting (color-it needs more color!) it is FUN. It's the perfect stand-in for  "real" art making if you happen to be home with the flu or it's a rainy day & you don't feel like dragging out all the art supplies . But they do need to add more color choices as all the work begins to look the same due to the limited color palette.
You'll find me under ginaserigraphy & the best part about the whole thing is: when you click on a thumbnail in order to get an enlarged version of the art-you get this animated , from the ground floor up rebuilding of the image -just as the artist created. You even get to see mistakes get made (look at this one for example) and corrected. As a printmaker, I work just like I would when creating a silkscreen-with layer upon layer. Very fascinating ...

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