Make some art from your heART...

As Valentines Day draws near I'll be spending some time this weekend making Valentines. I draw inspiration from the mediums I LOVE working in most: cut paper, printmaking (read: silkscreen & rubber stamps)  and collage.
 I also love looking back over collected ephemera-one amazing resource of mine had always been The New York Public Library's picture collection. (Online viewing is no replacement for seeing the actual items in person-I happen to love working with the librarians to see what topics they might suggest & then sifting through the large folders , along with my fellow seekers-hoping for that one amazing & perfect image of inspiration.) 
If you are looking for creative ways to express your love you will find lots of inspiration on the Internet & in blogs. Some wonderful ideas can be found here on the care2.com site where you'll find ideas for cards,made with origami, some sewing &  a little stitching .
Then there are the envelopes-something I have always loved decorating with silkscreen, rubber stamps and collage(see photo for some recent samples). One brilliant idea is this sewn version.
Have fun creating, experimenting & playing!

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