No. 9 - for Bob and Edi's 55th.

The latest ceramic project, a picture frame done for my parents 55th wedding anniversary. Begun on the fly, with no sketch or plan ( a rare occurrence these days) I fell back upon an old design motif I had created weeks ago for another project. I ended up getting lost, getting found and in the end feeling O.K. about where it ended up. Color is still a battle as the under glaze will be dramatically transformed into much richer colors once fired and no matter what you do, your eye attaches to the palette you see before you as you work. In my case this is especially odd as my work is very much about color .
Whenever I teach, I usually advise folks to walk away from a piece -give themselves a day or more to detach and  then come back to their work with fresh eyes and decide what else needs to be done-if anything. I'll be taking my own advice on this piece as it is so full of detail that to add to it could either perfectly balance it off or destroy it and I want to make sure I make the right choice. 

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