spring is such a nice time to move...

Dear friends, I have decided that we all need to pull up stakes & move-today preferably but I can wait until tomorrow, if need be. The good news is:I have found the perfect place for us all to move to: Marrakech. A blog I sometimes read has convinced me that this IS the place for all of us. See here if you require convincing.
I have found a very nice man in Marrakech who sells and renovates riads (What is a "riad" you might ask? According to Wikileaks Wikipedia a riad is a traditional Moroccan house. (Arabicرياض‎))
Simply looking at his blog you can tell he does a beautiful job. And since we are talking about beauty-which is after all, the reason for this move-there are even wonderful tile companies that make exquisite tiles-think how stunning our riads will be!
I realize this plan is rather sudden. I, myself, only just came up with the idea 1/2 hour ago. But something tells me that if we all sleep on it, this idea of mine will make so much more sense tomorrow morning. Think about it-courtyards, stunning interior vistas, birdsong to awaken you each morning and truly fresh orange juice straight from your own orange tree. What more can one ask for?

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